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Ex:beaute X's Artist Three Stars Cheek - Blend Pink

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About Us

【優肌美集 Beauté Treasure by Univa Beauty】supplies cosmetics & Beauty Products.

【Ex:beaute 女優肌】

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【Evangelist BB Cream】

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Brand Information

【Ex:beaute 女優肌】

“Ex”= Extra, Excellent,
“Beauté”= Beauty in French,
“Ex:beaute”= Extra Beauty
“女優”= Actress in Japanese

Cosmetics for high-definition photo and video shooting, developed to meet the needs of actresses, models, and other beauty-conscious professionals.
The increasing sophistication of high-definition photo and video shooting is revealing more and more about faces, from otherwise imperceptible expressions to the minor subtleties of skin tone and texture.
Ex:beaute delivers the "actress-quality skin" that stands up to such scrutiny with conspicuously realistic beauty that communicates the loveliness inside.


~Evangelist~ is a cosmetics brand which is developed by a famous Japanese makeup artist called Nobuto Yanagi. Mr. Yanagi advocates "from the inside out" as his beauty philosophy, it is a combination of both natural beauty and skincare. As a makeup artist and beauty expert, Mr. Yanagi who after several strict selection, carefully selected to pick out "Placenta" and Epidermal Growth Factor "EGF" as the main basic ingredients for all Evangelist products.

Evangelist BB Cream - Ocher No. 01
Evangelist BB Cream - Ocher No. 02
Evangelist BB Cream - Ocher No. 03
Evangelist BB Powder Foundation - Ocher No. 01
Evangelist BB Powder Foundation - Ocher No. 02
Evangelist Skin Care Powder (Loose Powder) - Neutral Colorless
Evangelist Skin Care Powder (Loose Powder) - Aurora Shine (contains bling bling)
Evangelist Skin Care Powder Presto Type (Presto Powder) - Neutral Colorless

Japanese Famous Make-Up Artist, Nobuto Yanagi’s Profile
After graduated Hollywood University of Beauty & Fashion, Mr. Yanagi got his beautician license. Thereafter, he accumulated some hair making practice in the United States. After returning to Japan, he founded WILLOW Co., and began activity in a wide variety of fields, such as advertisements, commercials, and music. He is a popular lecturer at Hollywood Beauty College, BLEA and some other Beauty Colleges.

With his own unique hair and make-up theory, Mr. Yanagi has captured the hearts of many celebrities. In addition to being in charge of various show and stage make-ups, Mr. Yanagi has collaborated with artists of different genres to create his own shows as well. He has gained popularity from a wide age range and has recently explored into a new make-up field, gal make-up. He is very active on TV and in magazines as well.


Ce’Parfait Select is an exclusive private label online store branding health and beauty products. The store name carries a lovely message: "It's perfect".

-- non-chemical formula cosmetics
●BB Cream

●Face Powder