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CLOSING ANNOUNCEMENT To Valued Customers It is with great regret to announce that UNIVA Beauty will be permanently closing on 2022/07/10. Unfortunately, our supplier MADREX Japan has no intention to set up a contact channel for Hong Kong customers, it is suggested that Hong Kong customers may use buying agent or any other alternatives for products in future. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. We are grateful for all of your support over the years! UNIVA beauty will erase all personal data of customers after the close of business. By UNIVA Beauty 結業通知 致尊貴的顧客 UNIVA Beauty 決定於2022年07月10日結束香港市場的業務。很遺憾,我們的供應商MADREX Japan無意為香港客戶建立聯繫渠道,建議香港客戶日後可以使用代購或其他渠道以購買相關的產品。我們對於所造成的不便深感抱歉。 我們衷心感謝所有過去一直支持UNIVA Beauty 的顧客。 在結束營業後,本公司會刪除顧客的所有個人資料。 UNIVA Beauty 謹啟
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Ex:beaute Extoil Cleansing
[Code: 700107168100]

Retail Price: 340.00

Packing: g
Weight: 205
Product ingredients: 混合10種包括薰衣草、尤加利、迷迭香等香草系,以及香橙、Mandarins等水果系的組合精油。

Ex:beaute Extoil Cleansing

Capacity: 150mL

・The oil cleansing brings skin moistness which makes dryness-related wrinkles less noticeable (effect checked in evaluation test).

・Quickly removing makeup and softly protecting the skin with a thick, smooth and gentle texture.

・Usable even with wet hands.

・Ten essential oils offer a delicious moment of relaxing with the herbal fragrance.

Product Use
To use for the first time, first remove the stopper attached to the pump and press the pump a few times until the cleanser starts to come out.

Take about three pump-presses worth in the palm of your hand and apply gently over makeup.
Massage gently, then rinse away with warm water.

*Double face washing is not necessary.


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